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French Circle Times

French Circle Times

Caregivers & Kid program ages 1 to 5 yrs

Have FUN learning French together!

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French Circle Times

This program is designed to expose young children to French from an early age. The circle times focus on making french learning fun through movement, songs, storytelling, sensory play, arts and crafts. Caregivers play a really important role in learning as they give little ones the courage and confidence to engage. So let us have fun together and learn French! (All levels of French are welcome)

Mt Pleasant 
Community Center


May 03- Jun 28
11:15am -12:00pm


Registration date is April 23

Trout Lake 
Community Center

Tues Apr 05- May 03
9:30am -10:15am


Community Center

May 02- Jun 20
11:00 am -11:45pm


Kids in Preschool

Tues May 10 - Jun 07
9:30am -10:15am



Mme Sophie

French Educator

I am Mme Sophie. I have a diverse range of experience working with children from summer camps to French classes.
I grew up in a bilingual environment with my father speaking French at home and my mother Spanish. I hope to give you and your little one a space where you can have fun, engage, be part of a community and of course learn French. 
I am the mother of a little one call Camila.



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